Changing Skies

by Points Taken

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released September 26, 2015


all rights reserved



Points Taken Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Cold Day
The rats all leave the basement
As the beast begins to wake

You feel it stir, you feel it rise
You feel the earth tremble and shake

Cold days approaching,
Another reason to stay in

You can lock your door, but in the mirror
You still see that wicked grin

You'll find your calling
In a doorway or a ditch

And you can spend the rest of your days
Trying to figure out which is which

And you will find temptation
Getting harder to resist

And every time you spell your name
You leave a crumb for the beast

Yeah you can beat yourself up over what you need
And you can cut your heart and watch it bleed
But don't reach out for a helping hand
No, you've got this, man
Track Name: Flood
Looks like morning's gonna bring the flood
All of this will be buried in mud
I've made mistakes, yeah, I've crossed some lines
To spend my time in the sunshine
I've spit in the face of fate
And now she's ready to spit back

All my sins will be washed from me
Cut a path through my history
Tie a dark, dark cloth, over my eyes
I don't need to see the changing skies
I'll shed my skin for them tonight

I hear the thunder
Coming over the mountain now
I hear the thunder
I hear the thunder
Soon I'm gonna feel the rain

You said you left because I couldn't change
But this time tomorrow I'll be rearranged
There's a storm a-waiting now, waiting there for me
Level the lands, uproot the trees
Send my memories down the drain

I hear the thunder
I hear it coming now
I hear the thunder
Track Name: Sundown
Ben traveling through a ghost town
Looking for someone
A soldier and a confidant

Time is my guide, my needle north is a second hand
To lead me tonight, into the sun

Follow me

Won't bring me any peace of mind
I feel myself sinking
The streets are like quicksand

My memories are fading out, i'm dumbing down
Come with me, please, i'm begging you to

Follow me

Collapsing with a soft sound
In my confusion
I thought you'd be around

Images of the dying day are bearing down
Morning may come, but I can’t face it alone

Follow me
Track Name: Circus Act
On a tightrope
Between future and past
With misguided hopes and fears
Weighing down on both sides now

She caught you in the act
And she cut your rope
So call up your safety net
Say it's time to go

Feedback from the fall
A bad connection to a guilty friend
Blamed again

She wished hell on you
But you're a giver, man, you don't collect
So don't collect

I tried to talk to you
The kind of comfort you despise
She told me so

Did she lie to you
Or was it you that lied to her
And do you care
Track Name: Wasted Wish
You were always out to shake the scene
Like some beauty queen,
An answer to no questions asked,
Make your past up as you go
And you sure could go
Babe, you sure can go

Some worn out lines in a bullshit bar
By a conquistador
A polished knight of clear intent
And he sent you to your knees

Better to give out than to be giving in
Better change your name before it's written on your skin
For all to see

You'll call your sister on the phone
To say you're coming home
You've stayed away too long
But when she picks up you'll be gone
The feeling overcome

You used to say you were a shooting star
But that's not what you are
More like you're the wasted wish
Kissed into the night

Stay inside the stall until the shaking stops
Rein in all the runaways, the ricocheting thoughts
Don’t let them drag you down

I remember how you cried that night
With your eyes shut tight
But open again when it's time to begin
Another sick success

You say you're tired of being used
But you're proud of what you choose
And you don't question what you lose

You're a celebration of what you display
Your self-inflicting ways
The strings you love to play

I'll pick up the pieces of your parade
The colors turned to gray
And put them all away

And you're so angry 'cause no-one can see
The pain you claim to feel

So come down now